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Law School Databases and Electronic Resources: Federal Legal Websites

General Federal Sites

First Gov. - The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal

Provides information for a wide variety of government services and departments.

GPO Access

The U.S. Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government, and does so extensively on this web site.

American Law Sources Online

Provides access to various courts, legislative search engines, and several alternative sources for the U.S. Constitution.  It also has a section for U.S. international law, including Treaties in Force.

The Federal Web Locator

Links to various commissions, agencies, and departments of the federal governmet.

Google Search Uncle Sam

Google is the premier search engine.  Google Uncle Sam limits results to governmental web sites.

Federal Executive & Administrative Sites

GPO Access Home Page

This government web site provides access to the Federal Register, CFR, Presidential materials, executive publications, and more.

American Law Sources Online

Provides executive orders, federal regulations (CFR and LSA, or List of Sections Affected), and other administrative materials.

Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

This official site provides access to the Federal Register via simple, advanced (by fields), and page number searches.  It also offers several ways to search the CFR.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

This official site offers several ways to search the CFR.

White House

This official website provides information about the President and Vice-President and their spouses.

Executive Orders, Federal Register, etc.

Executive Orders Disposition Table since 1937, plus information about the Federal Register.

Federal Judicial Sites

The Federal Judiciary

This official U.S. Courts website has sections on the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts. 

Federal Courts Finder – Emory

Has a map of all the circuit courts, which links to the web pages of all federal courts.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 11th Circuit

Has decisions going back to 1994, arranged my month and year or party names.  Has a keyword case search.

American Law Sources Online

Access to Supreme Court and other federal court decisions.

FindLaw Cases and Codes

Provides access to Supreme Court and U.S. Courts of Appeals opinions and websites, and links to federal trial courts websites.

Federal Legislative Sites

Thomas – U.S. Congress on the Internet

Legislation (bill summary, bill text, public laws), Congressional Record, Committee Information, going back several Congresses.

United State Code

This official site offers both a searchable and a browsable Code (based on Supplement I of the 2000 edition (January 22, 2002) of the Code), as well as classification tables listing sections of the U.S. Code affected by recently enacted laws.

U.S. Code – Table of Popular Names

Lists popular names of legislative acts, and where possible links the Popular Names item to its relevant section of the U.S. Code.

U.S. Code – GPO Access

This official site offers both a searchable and a browsable Code, 2000 edition.

U.S. Code – LII

This site offers the most updated edition possible of the U.S. Code.

Congressional Record

This site offers a variety of ways to search the Congressional Record back to 1994, including a simple search, search by fields, and search by page number.

U.S. Senate

This official site offers a search engine for pending legislation.  One can also track recent floor activity, such as in the Congressional Record.

U.S. House of Representatives

This official site provides contact information for representatives, committee information, and more.

Supreme Court & Constitution Sites

The Constitution of the United States of America:  Analysis and Interpretation

Annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States.

FindLaw – U.S. Constitution

Text of the U.S. Constitution

Supreme Court – Official Site

This official site provides various types of opinions (last three years), docket, oral arguments, court rules, and more.

LII – Supreme Court Collection

This site is especially useful for recent decisions by the Court.

Jurist – U.S. Supreme Court

This site offers search of Supreme Court decisions by case name, key word, and citation.

It also has links to databases which contain historic and older decisions.

Washington Post Supreme Court

Has recent articles about the Supreme Court, and material about the Court, such as current and past justices and how the Court works.