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Engineering: Sample Searches

This guide covers the following areas of study and more related to Engineering: Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engi

Links to ProQuest Engineering Collection

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to ProQuest Engineering Collection. For alternative methods of authentication and links to ProQuest Engineering Collection, please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

You want to find the articles published since 2000 in the use of mathematical models and computer simulation in jet engine designs.

  • Type jet engine design into the Basic Search box.  

  • Based on the large amount of results that are retrieved, it is a good idea to refine your results using the Narrow results by feature.
  • From the Narrow results by and the Source Type limit, select to view Scholarly Journals.
  • Then Subject limit and select to include mathematical models, computer simulation. Click Apply to add the subject limits to your search.
  • Also from the Narrow results by, go to the Date limit and drag the first gray handle over toward the right side of the bar chart to limit your search to more recent items. Drag the handle over to search on items published from 2000 – 2012 and click update.
  • Go to the top of the results page to the Sort results by pull-down menu (just above the Narrow results by) and resort your items by Date (most recent first) and click Sort.
  • To begin reviewing your results, hover over the Preview link available on each record to view the major fields of the record.
  • For additional record details, select the Citation & Abstract link under each record to view the full record.
  • Mark any records that interest you to save, print, email, cite, export, save to your My Research account, or to view selected items later.


Advanced Search

You want to find articles on robots with autonomous navigation.

  • In the Advanced Search page, type robot* in the first search box. From the pull-down menu in the first search row, select (Anywhere except full text). (This may be the default search field.)
  • Place the cursor in the second search box. Click on the Thesaurus link and from the Thesaurus List, click on Technology Terms. Enter the term navigation and click on Find. Select autonomous navigation and click on Add to search.
  • In the Date range pull-down menu, select “After this date”.  (Date range appears under the “Search options” section of the Advanced search page.
  • Type 2009 for the year, then select "1" (from the day pull-down menu) and January (from the month pull-down menu).
  • Click on Search.
  • From the top of the results page (under the search box) select Create alert to receive an email when new results are loaded into ProQuest Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Collection that meet your search criteria.
  • Enter your email address, choose the email format, and schedule your alert based on when you would like to receive an email of your results and how long you would like the alert to last.
  • Click create alert.


Figures & Tables

You want to find deep indexed figures and tables about lunar vehicles.

  • Enter the terms lunar vehicles in the search box.
  • If needed, you can narrow down to specific type of figures/tables from this page.
  • From the “Limit to” section, tick the Full size images selection box.
  • Click on Search.

Refer to our Illustra Deep Indexing LibGuide for a more detailed look at this resource: