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Ebook Library Explained: Search

Click on the tabs within this guide to understand how Ebook Library (EBL) works


You can search across all titles available in your institution’s EBL catalog from your Bookshelf. If you are reading an ebook in the EBL Online Reader, click the EBL link in the upper left corner of the reader to access your Bookshelf. Alternatively, go directly to your institution’s EBL homepage (i.e.,

Quick Search searches across record metadata for all available titles.

Search results are sorted by relevance. Use the filters on the left or the options in the tool bar at the top of your search results to refine your search. To open an ebook in the EBL Online Reader, click on a title or Read this book link to open the book. To access the book details page, click on the cover image or View details link.

You can select multiple titles individually using the check boxes below each cover image, or selecting all items on the page by clicking the Select Page link in the results tool bar, and add selected titles to a Collection, view selected titles, or cite selected titles.

The Category option displays a complete list of ebooks available in a particular subject category. Click the Category link below the main search box to select a subject from a pull-down menu of EBL Categories, or the Browse by category option on the right.

The Full Text search option searches the full-text content of all available titles, and the Advanced search allows for more complex searching by limiting to, or excluding, multiple search criteria.

Advanced Search Options

EBL's patron interface and Online Reader support the complex search features including, phrase searching, Boolean operators, wildcard searches, proximity searches and more.