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Ebook Library Explained: Bookshelf

Click on the tabs within this guide to understand how Ebook Library (EBL) works

Your Bookshelf

Your Bookshelf facilitates easy access to any ebooks you are currently borrowing, recently accessed ebooks, and any personal Collections of ebooks you have created.

To access your Bookshelf, click on the Bookshelf link in the upper right corner of the EBL user interface, or the Bookshelf link on any book details page. Alternatively, go directly to your institution’s EBL homepage (i.e.,

If you are reading an ebook in the EBL Online Reader, click the EBL link in the upper left corner of the reader to access your Bookshelf.

Click the Current Loans or Recently Accessed buttons in the middle of the page to pull up the corresponding titles on your Bookshelf. You can access each title by clicking on the cover image.

Collections are personal lists of ebooks that you can create, manage, and share. To access your Collections or create a new Collection, click the My Collections button in the middle of the page.

Note: Your Bookshelf is private. Others cannot see your activity history or Collections.