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Citation Management - RefWorks: Citation Management at FAMU


There is a known issue with Write-n-cite for MAC. Please uninstall the previous version and install this one:


(NOTE: For the Lion OS, until Refworks creates an updated version of WNC, you'll need to follow these instructions

What is a Citation?

What is a citation? A citation....

  • describes a book, journal article, website, or other published item
  • gives credit to the originator of an idea, thus preventing plagiarism
  • enables the reader to retrieve the item you refer to
  • includes the author, title, source (publisher and place of publication or URL), and date

A citation manager is a tool which helps you to store, organize and output your citations in the format you prefer.


This guide was adapted from Princeton University Library.

Options for Citation Management

Easy-to-use web-based product
available to all FAMU users ( RefWorks allows you to import references from FAMU's Main Catalog and many electronic databases to which FAMU subscribes. You can conveniently compile a list of sources you intend to read--as you identify them--and save the list online.

Easy-to-use open source tool ( that is accessible via the web—works right in your Firefox browser. Using Zotero, it is easy to capture and save citations found on webpages, and to add notes and other information to saved citations for efficient organization. Lacks the storage capabilities of Refworks and Endnote.