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Biology: Grey Literature

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Grey Literature

Grey Literature

Grey literature: source material(s) not available through the usual systems of publication (e.g. books or periodicals) and distribution. These can include:

  • Conference proceedings
  • Data exchange
  • Dissertations / Theses
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Government documents /publications
  • Market research reports
  • Online documents
  • Oral presentations
  • Technical reports
  • Working papers

Grey literature is found in a variety of print sources and electronic databases, though sometimes can be harder to locate. Some examples are:

Northwest Florida Water Management District (NFWMD) Grey Literature

NWFWMD Technical Reports

The District is working to continuously update the reports and publications available in the online library. If you're interested in a publication not currently available online, please contact the District's Public Information Office at or (850) 539-5999 for assistance.

  • Water Resource Reports
  • Water Resource Assessments
  • Ground Water Studies and Reports
  • Technical File Reports
  • Hydrologic Monitoring Plan
  • Miscellaneous Report

NWFEMD Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Northwest Florida Water Management District's (NWFWMD) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff builds and maintains spatial datasets and applications, conducts GIS projects, and publishes GIS maps for the agency's divisions in support of the Districts mission to protect water and natural resources of the state of Florida. This database includes a considerable amount of information that is potentially of value to federal, state, regional, and local governmental agencies, as well as private businesses and the public. NWFWMD GIS staff currently utilizes ArcGIS, a full suite of products by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (ESRI) software.