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ENC 1101 / 2300: Topic Ideas

The argumentative, or, persuasive essay.

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Here are some ideas for the argumentative/persuasive essay:

    • Merit pay based on student achievement should be a significant component of K-12 education teacher compensation in U.S. public schools.
    • Schould K-12 schools use the FCAT as a tool to promote students to the next grade?
    • Argue for against school choice in the form of charter schools and vouchers.
    • Should all schools and universities have dress codes which define what is appropriate attire?
    • Should faith-based organizations be allowed on  college/ university campus?
    • Argue for /against college athletes being paid
    • If health insurance companies cover the cost of Viagra for men, should they also be required to cover birth control and/or annual exam for women?
    • Requiring drug testing for welfare recipients is good policy
    • Should smoking be banned in all public places?
    • Should marijuana be legalized for non-medical reasons?
    • Argue for/against granting marriage rights to gays/lesbians.
    • Should athletes be tested periodically for the use of steroids?
    • Argue for /against college athletes being paid
    • Should media violence be censored?
    • Should rap music be censored by the government or should it be the parents prerogative to allow their child to have a choice in the matter?
    • Using armed, remote-controlled, unmanned, predator drones in Pakistan and Yemen wise military policy for the U.S.

Topic Ideas