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The argumentative, or, persuasive essay.


So you want to write a persuasive, or, argumentative essay?

Use this guide to get started!


Before you begin, make sure you understand the assignment.  Can you answer the following questions?

1.  When is the assignment due?

2.  How many sources do I need?

3.  What type of sources do I need? Books, articles, websites?

4.  Can I use the Web and/or the library databases?

There can often be much confusion about the terms "online", "Internet", or "Web" when specifying which source(s) can be used for a paper. When an instructor says "no Internet sources", that usually means "no Google" sources. Instructors prefer that you use your Libraries online resources for some, or all, of your research. 

When in doubt, ask your instructor!

Research as Inquiry