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ENC 1101 / 2300: Find Articles

The argumentative, or, persuasive essay.

Recommended Databases/Articles Search

What Database and Why

CQ Researcher Plus Archive (CQ Press)
What: Covers American policy at home and abroad with coverage from 1923 to the present.

WHY:  CQ goes back to the early part of last centry and includes "ISSUE TRACKER."  This timeline shows the legislative and debate movement on a topic and its related ideas over a period of time.  

TIPS:  Check out the Pro/Con section! Models how to make an argument.



WHAT: Multi-disciplinary database including a variety of journals and newspapers.

WHY:  Covers a variety of topics with a user-friendly search capability.

TIPS: You can limit your search by using the 'Document Type' field and selecting editorial.

Use ADVANCED Search and select date coverage or other limits to improve or narrow search.


Americas Newspapers (NewsBank)
WHAT: National/International plus college newspapers, blogs, newswires, newsletters,  and TV news/radio transcripts.

WHY:  If the topic is current, it is criticial to find current information. Newspapers are published daily, while a journal or magazine may have a week to months lead time before publish date.

TIPS:  Use search terms and phrases in the LEAD PARAGRAPH field to better target key articles. To search specifically for opinion or editorial sections, go to search limit SECTION and type in OPINION or EDITORIAL.


Social Sciences Full Text
WHAT: Covers the latest in social sciences. Covers topics: Addiction Studies, Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Ethics, Family Studies, Gender Studies, International Relations, Law, Mass Media, Minority Studies , Political Science and more.

TIPS:  To specially search for public opinion and debate on an article, type "public opinion" as a phrase into the TX ALL TEXT FIELDS search limit.