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Free Legal Research Resources: Rules

Local Rules

A set of procedural rules adopted by local, state, or federal courts that instruct parties and attorneys what the court's mandatory procedures are about things like the time allowed to file papers, format of documents, filing procedures and fees, basis for calculating alimony and child support. Some state courts may use administrative orders rather than local rules. Always check with the court you are filing in to determine what procedures to follow.


Adapted from Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary

Circuit Court Local Rules

Local rules supplement the Florida Rules of Court and apply in their respective counties and circuits only. If there is a conflict between the Local Rules of Court and the Florida Rules of Court, the Florida Rules of Court apply.  

Florida Local Administrative Orders

An Administrative Order is defined by the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, Rule 2.120 as:

"a directive necessary to administer properly the court's affairs but not inconsistent with the constitution or with court rules and administrative orders entered by the supreme court."

Federal and State Rules

The rules that establish the format under which criminal cases, civil lawsuits, and appeals are filed, pursued, and tried. These refer only to form and procedure, and not to the substantive law.

Federal Rules


Florida State Rules

The Florida Rules of Court are to be followed when practicing before any Florida state court. These rules include:

  • Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Florida Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure
  • Florida Rules of Judicial Administration
  • Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure
  • Florida Probate Rules
  • Florida Small Claims Rules
  • Florida Rules of Traffic Court