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The Uniform Commercial Code: UCC Information Websites

This LibGuide provides a brief overview of the UCC's history and its application by the states. This guide also lists a variety of sources for information concerning the UCC ranging from websites to printed materials.

Website Content

Listed to the right are websites that provide information about the UCC and its adoption by the states. Click on the names of the sites or organizations and a new window with the website you selected will open.

Organization Websites

UCC Contributors

Uniform Law Commission - The official website of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. The website contains the text of the UCC and provides legislative and historical information about the creation and adoption of the UCC.

American Law Institute - This link will direct you to the website for the American Law Institute. While there is information concerning the UCC on ALI's website, not all of it is free. You can get a good amount of information on the UCC without charge; however you will have to purchase drafts of proposed amendments. The website is also a strong source for finding current news on the activities of the Permanent Editorial Board for the UCC.

State by State Information Access

Uniform Commercial Code Locator - Created by the Cornell School of Law Legal Institute, the Uniform Commercial Code Locator is a website that allows visitors to find the statutory law of all fifty states that are modeled or directly adopted from the UCC. While most links remain current, make sure that the information displayed on the linked pages is up to date.

Florida's UCC Statutes

The Florida Senate Website - The Florida Senate's website has the text of Florida's UCC based statutes without comments. It also provides legislative information and an overview of Florida's statutory scheme as a whole.