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Occupational Therapy: Find Books

How? - Search Tips

How do I search for a book in the library catalog?

  • To search for a particular book, just enter the book title in the basic search box. You may select title from the drop-down box on the right, but it is usually not necessary.
  • To search by topic, simply enter a couple of keywords in the basic search box and then narrow your results by using the selections on the left to narrow your search by location, format, subject, author, etc.
  • You may also use the "Search begins with" option to search using the first few words of a title. Do not use beginning articles: a, an, the.
  • When using the author "Search begins with" option, type the author's last name firs

Can I search for a phrase or an exact match?

  • Using quotes around the words in the phrase will submit the query a proximity search where the words are next to each other in the order you entered them.

Can I browse for authors or titles or call numbers?

  • Select "Search begins with" and choose which index you would like to browse -- author, title, Library of Congress Call Number, or Government Document Call Number.
  • Remember that you must not use initial articles (a, an, the) in a title browse.
  • Type the author's last name first for an author browse.

Will the catalog help me with spelling?

  • Yes! If you misspell a word, the catalog will offer you an alternate spelling.

What is the "cite this" option?

  • When you select the "cite this" icon, you will see how your item should look in your bibliography/reference list.

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