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Probate in Florida: Resources at the FAMU College of Law Library

This guide provides information and lists research sources about probate law in Florida.

Florida Probate Information In the FAMU College of Law Library

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This section provides information about the resources available at the FAMU College of Law Library on Florida Probate.

While materials cannot be checked out of the library, patrons are welcome to use items in  the collection and copy them using our copiers.

Library personnel can only help patrons locate materials. For legal services, such as help in filling out forms, patrons must seek out authorized legal professionals for assistance.


Probate Practice Materials

This list provides titles in the library that are written with practicing attorneys in mind. While these titles can provide those without a legal background with information, they often move into complex topics with little explanatory text. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of probate law, the titles in the Probate Guidance list may be easier to access.

Florida Probate Guidance Titles

The titles in this list are written for those unfamiliar with the law and probate proceedings. They are solid sources to find answers to probate questions and gather topical background information before using the library's practice materials.