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Citation Resources: Citation Management Tools

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools provide access to automated systems that allow researchers and students to format, manage, and share documents, citations and bibliographies.

The citation management tools listed below provide an opportunity for you to select the system which is best for your research needs. Please use the information below as an overview of the set-up and features of each system. The list includes commercially available systems and open sources systems, that are openly available on the internet for free usage.

RefWorks – Access is available to FAMU Students and Faculty on the Database A-Z list. (Retiring December 2020)
RefWorks is a research management system, which is available for online access, from any browser. FAMU students and faculty can create individual accounts at no additional charge. Research can be collected, accessed, formatted, and shared with others.

Zotero is a reference manager, which is freely available for use. It allows one to collect, cite, and share research with others.

Mendeley is a citation manager, which offers two levels of access. It allows one to generate citations and bibliographies, annotate as you read, share documents with groups, import references.

Endnote is a reference management system that is commercially available for purchase and download. It allows one to find full-text references, read and review PDFs, and collaborate with groups of users, with write, or read only, access to your files.

Refworks (Retiring December 2020)

RefWorks – Access is available to FAMU Students and Faculty on the Database A-Z list

  • Access, with no individual charge, is currently available from the Library’s website
  • Internet based solution is available at anytime, from anywhere
  • Can be used with all major browsers and information resources
  • Offers access to RefShare, RefAware, and RefGrab-It
  • Reference size and number is unlimited
  • Includes options for managing and sharing data



  • Commercially available desktop software program can be purchased for individual use for a fee
  • Free, limited online version - Endnote Basic
  • Unlimited storage space for full-text and file attachment, and unlimited number of references
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows computers
  • Sync with previous software versions and across multiple self-created libraries
  • Supports many citation styles
  • Allows sharing of library with others for read only access, and read and write access




  • Open access system is freely available to all users, and includes 300 MB of storage
  • Additional storage is available for an annual subscription fee
  • Web based software downloads, which allow users to sync access across multiple devices
  • Available for MAC, Windows, and Linux operating systems
  • Supports over 9,000 citation styles
  • Allows for public and private collaboration with colleagues for on-going research



  • Free account offers available for Mendeley Cite, Mendeley Desktop, Web Importer, and Premium access
  • Premium subscription offers additional storage for a fee
  • Access the software on any computer, using the desktop client, web browser, or using the mobile app
  • Available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Supports multiple citation styles
  • Offers a secure, cloud-based repository for storing and sharing datasets
  • Offers access to a Research Network to share ideas,  and discuss developments in the field