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Great Science Sites on the Web: Web Resources

Agriculture and Related Disciplines

Astronomy: Public Communications


Botany: Vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens of the U.S.

Chemistry: Structure searching and Spectrum searching

Major commercial vendors of research chemicals often have substructure search capability on their web sites and link to other standard chemical references.

Chemistry Directories

Chemistry: Chemical Identification and Toxicology

Chemistry: Properties

Chemistry: Drawing Software

Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Synthesis

Chemistry: Physical Properties

Chemistry: Standard Chemical Technology Database

The Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology is located in the FAMU COLEMAN LIBRARY Reference Collection -2nd floor  TP9.E685

Cinema & Science: Science Blunders in Movies

General: Multilingual Term Translation

Inter-Active Teminology for Europe (IATE) is the inter-institution terminology database of the European Union


General: Household Products

Geology and Mapping

Journal Impact Factors


Medicine/Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices/Approvals & Recalls



Scientific Hoaxes/ Pseudoscience/Hoax Refutation

Scientific instruments (reviews) / Software Validation

Scientific News

Scientific Research: Responsible Research Practices and Conduct

Weather and Climate

General: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

Full text PDF's of peer-reviewed journal articles are generally available for post-2000 publications.  Pre-2000 publications are not always digitized and abstracts may be found through database aggregators.