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Website Research

Websites can be used for references in papers just like articles, or books.  Maybe you've been given instructions to find websites that are "scholarly".  While there's really no such thing, you DO want to make sure the websites you use have information that is current, relevant, accurate, reliable, and unbiased, and put online by someone who knows what they're talking about.  Use this guide to find out how to check your websites for credibility!

FAMU Ask A Librarian



Why do websites end in .com, .org, .edu, or .gov? Find out how to search Google for each type.

Scott Schiller, 2009,

Example Websites

Put your CRAAP knowledge to the test with these examples of what NOT to use in a research paper.

epSos .de, 2012,


Information for this research guide courtesy of Central Michigan University Libraries.



Learn the basics of evaluating a website with the CRAAP test - it's not as bad as it sounds!

Enokson, 2010,

Wikipedia References

"NO WIKIPEDIA" says your prof, but the information there might lead to websites you CAN use.

mikeedesign, 2008,

Fake News

Find out more about fake news and how to spot biases and misleading information in news media.

Stuart Rankin,2017,

Open Access Resources

Free collections of resources online - including some scholarly research articles.

biblioteekje, 2009,