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Summer Job Legal Research: Forms, Motions, and Pleadings

Aids for your summer legal job. Don't know where to start? Come here first!

What Are Form Books?

Form books, whether in print or electronic format, guide an attorney or self-represented individual in the creation of a multitude of legal documents.  These documents include, among others, wills, powers of attorney, complaints, interrogatories, jury instructions, and contracts.

Rules Governing Filings- Important!

Rule 7 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure dictates which pleadings are allowed and the form of motions and other papers.

In Florida, pleadings and motions are covered in Rule 1.100 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

Federal Forms: Selected Sources for Print and Online Forms

Unless otherwise indicated, all items below are located on the second floor of FAMU Law Library.  Students use your Westlaw and LexisNexis passwords to access databases. Public patrons use computers on 1st floor to access e-books and Westlaw. Note: not all Westlaw forms are included in our public patron subscription.

General Forms

Supreme Court practice: for practice in the Supreme Court of the United States. Eugene Gressman // KF9057 .S8 2007

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, 2d ed. // KF170 .A542 // Westlaw ID: AMJUR-LF

Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated. Clark A. Nichols // Westlaw ID: NICHOLS-LF



Bankruptcy code, rules and official forms. // KF1510.99.B383 // Westlaw ID: FBKR-FORMS

See also:  BKR-FORMS (bankruptcy forms combined); BKR-BFG (bankruptcy forms guide); FORMFINDER-BKR (bankruptcy formfinder)

U.S. Courts website:

Collier Consumer Practice Plus Mega // LexisNexis ID: CCONP


Civil Procedure

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated // KF8836 .A45 // Westlaw ID: AMJUR-PP

Bender's Forms for the Civil Practice // LexisNexis ID: CPLR

Bender's Federal Practice Forms // LexisNexis ID: FDPRAC

Federal Procedural Forms // Westlaw ID: FEDPROF

West’s Federal Forms // Westlaw ID: FEDFORMS

Moore’s Manual: Federal Practice Forms // KF8836.M66



Warren's Forms of Agreements - Fern's Desk Edition // LexisNexis ID: WARDSK

Federal Securities Laws: Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms // KF1434.599 .S45

Securities Regulation: Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms // KF1439 .C69 2009

Forms and Procedures under the Uniform Commercial Code // LexisNexis ID: UCCFRM

Commercial (UCC) Transactions LexisNexis Forms // LexisNexis ID: LNFCOM


Criminal Law & Procedure

Complete manual of criminal forms. F. Lee Bailey // KF9616 .B2522 // Westlaw ID: CMCRF 


Family Law

The complete guide to divorce practice: forms and procedures for the lawyer // Electronic book: access through FAMU catalog

Family Law Litigation Guide with Forms: Discovery, Evidence, Trial Practice // LexisNexis ID: FAMLLT

Lindey and Parley on separation agreements and ante-nuptial contracts // KF535.L5  


Labor & Employment Law

Federal Labor & Employment LexisNexis Forms // LexisNexis ID: LFFLAB

BNA Employment Law Client Letters, Checklists, and Forms // LexisNexis ID: EMPDOC

Employment Law Forms - General // Westlaw ID: EMPLFORM-GEN


Real Estate

Collier Real Estate Transactions & the Bankruptcy Code // LexisNexis ID: CRETBC



Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis (Rabkin & Johnson) // KF170.R3 // LexisNexis ID: CLFTA

Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders-Forms // LexisNexis ID: TPCOSH


Wills/Estate Planning

 Living Trusts // Electronic book: access via FAMU catalog


Florida Forms: Selected Sources for Print & Online Forms

General Forms

Florida Jur Forms: Legal and Business // KFF68 .F55 // Westlaw ID: FL-LF (use computers on 1st floor to access database)

Legal Forms and Worksheets 2d ed. // KFF68 .L442 (CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor)

Southeast Transaction Guide -- Florida, Georgia, and Alabama // KF 1410.S68

Florida Legal Forms // KFF68.F556

Florida Legal Practice Forms // KFF68.F565

Florida Causes of Action // KFF533.B47


Civil Procedure

Trawick's Florida Practice and Procedure: Forms // KFF530.A65 T73

Florida Civil Procedure Forms: With Practice Commentary // KFF80.W46 v.3

Florida Pleading and Practice Forms // KFF535.A65.F57 // Westlaw ID: FL-PP (use computers on 1st floor to access database)

La Coe’s Pleadings Under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure: with forms // KFF530.A65.L32

Florida Civil Procedure: Pretrial // KFF537.F564


Construction Law

Florida Construction Liens: law, procedure and forms // KFF155.5.C58


Consumer Law

Consumer Law Pleadings: pleadings from all NCLC Manuals (non-circulating) // KF1040.C66 & E-book (see catalog or ask a reference librarian for assistance)



How to Form a Corporation in Florida // E-book (see catalog or ask a reference librarian for assistance)


Employment Law

Florida and Federal Employment Law Manual // KFF334.F59 2003 (intended for small business owners, H.R. or personnel managers)

Florida Workers' Compensation Manual // KFF342.F545

Florida Workers' Compensation Practice // KFF342.F58

Florida Workers’ Compensation: with forms // KFF80.W46 v. 9-10 v. 2003 2008-09


Family Law

Florida Family Law Practice Manual // KFF94.A6 S3

Florida Guardianship Practice // KFF106.F5822 (CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor)


Real Estate

Florida Condominium Law and Practice // KFF114.C6 F5512 (CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor)

Florida Real Estate Practice: Law, Procedure, and Forms // KFF126 .B35 1994

Florida Real Estate Transactions // KFF126 .B69


Miscellaneous Forms      

Florida DUI Handbook // KFF80.W46 v.11

Florida Traffic & DUI Practice Manual // KFF297.8 F59

Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases // KFF583.A65 F56 2009

Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases // KFF542.A65 F55

Maritime Law and Practice // KFF1104 .M37 (CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor)



Florida Torts // KFF195 .F48 1988


Wills and Probate

How to Probate an Estate in Florida: with forms // KFF144.Z9 N53 1998

How to Make a Florida Will: with forms // E-book (see catalog or ask a reference librarian for assistance)

Florida Will and Trust Forms Manual // KFF142.Z9F36 (oversize shelving)  (CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor)