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Civil Rights Research Collections: Papers of the NAACP

Collections of primary sources of the abolitionist and civil rights movements, accessible at the FAMU College of Law.

NAACP Papers

The NAACP Papers have been digitized. A full catalog of the papers may be found at NAACP Papers- History Vault. This page also contains webinars highlighting specific content within the database, and instructions on searching.

NAACP Papers

This collection is available on microform. Links given are to the individual topic collections. To read a more detailed description, and to find specific documents, click "Download the User Guide" on each page.


Part 1: Meetings of the Board of Directors, Records of Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and Special Reports, 1909-1950

Supplement to Part 1, 1951-1955

Supplement to Part 1, 1956-1960

Supplement to Part 1, Minutes of the Board of Directors, Secretary's Reports, Records of Annual Conventions, and Annual Business Meetings, 1961-1965

Supplement to Part 1, 1966-1970, Meetings of the Board of Directors, Records of Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and Special Reports

Part 2: Personal Correspondence of Selected NAACP Officials, 1919-1939

Part 3: The Campaign for Educational Equality, 1913-1965

Part 4: The Voting Rights Campaign, 1916-1950

Supplement to Part 4, Voting Rights, General Office Files, 1956-1965

Part 5: The Campaign against Residential Segregation, 1914-1955

Supplement to Part 5, Residential Segregation, General Office Files, 1956-1965

Part 6: The Scottsboro Case, 1931-1950

Part 7: The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955

Part 8: Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System, 1910-1955

Part 9: Discrimination in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1918-1955

Part 10: Peonage, Labor, and the New Deal, 1913-1939

Part 11: Special Subject Files, 1912-1939

Part 12: Selected Branch Files, 1913-1939

Part 13: The NAACP and Labor, 1940-1955

Supplement to Part 13, The NAACP and Labor, 1956-1965

Part 14: Race Relations in the International Arena, 1940-1955

Part 15: Segregation and Discrimination: Complaints and Responses, 1940-1955

Part 16: Board of Directors Correspondence and Committee Materials, 1919-1955

Supplement to Part 16, Board of Directors Files, 1956-1965

Supplement to Part 16, Board of Directors Files, 1966-1970

Part 17: National Staff Files, 1940-1955

Supplement to Part 17, National Staff Files, 1956-1965

Part 18: Special Subjects, 1940-1955

Part 19: Youth File

Part 20: White Resistance and Reprisals, 1956-1965

Part 21: NAACP Relations with the Modern Civil Rights Movement

Part 22: Legal Department Administrative Files, 1956-1965

Part 23: Legal Department Case Files, 1956-1965

Supplement to Part 23, Legal Department Case Files, 1960-1972

Part 24: Special Subjects, 1956-1965

Part 25: Branch Department Files

Part 26: Selected Branch Files, 1940-1955

Part 27: Selected Branch Files, 1956-1965

Part 28: Special Subject Files, 1966-1970

Part 29: Branch Department Files, 1965-1972

Part 30: General Office Subject Files, 1966-1972