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Domestic Violence Resources: Florida Court Documents and Forms

Florida Court Domestic Violence Forms

Domestic abuse is a complex issue and can manifest in many ways. The links to checklists and forms in this section can provide help for those facing emotional abuse, physical abuse, stalking, or other forms of domestic abuse.

If you are a low-income Florida resident, you may be able to receive free legal assistance. Contact the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar at 407-841-8310 for more information.

Domestic Abuse Information

The checklists connected with the following links provide practical and statutory information about some forms of domestic abuse. The checklists also provide overviews of the procedures that you can use to ask for intervention by the courts.  

9th Circuit Legal Research Information

The Ninth Circuit Court of Florida provides a variety of services for those facing domestic abuse. The Ninth Circuit has a dedicated Domestic Relations Court. The Ninth Circuit also publishes forms and information concerning domestic abuse issues on its webpage.

Domestic Abuse Forms

The following links provide access to Florida court forms that deal with domestic violence. The forms are organized by the categories of domestic abuse that they cover. Included with the first forms listed in each section are instructions on how to fill the forms out and where to file the forms to get help. The webpage that allows access to the forms listed below can be found here. The page offers the forms in electronic formats other that PDF, for those who do not have the ability to open PDF documents.

Forms for those seeking help with Domestic Violence.

Forms for those facing Repeat Violence

Supporting Documents for those seeking court assistance against Domestic Violence

Forms for protection against Dating Violence

Forms for those seeking help with Sexual Violence

Forms for those needing help with Stalking.

Forms to Show Cause for Violations