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Key Drug Information Resources

Primary Resources

  • Provide original studies, reports based on the practice of evidence-based medicine
    e. g. Clinical trial, case studies or report
  • Example of primary literature resources:

              -Annals of Internal medicine

              -American Journal of health-system pharmacists

              -Clinical Pharmacology

              -Journal of the American Pharmacists associatiion

              -Journal of the American medical association

Secondary Resources

  • Serve as gateways to primary drug informaiton resources, include indexing, which provide bibliographic citation, abstracts or full-text studies

       e. g. Resources included article in databases, such as:





             -Cochrane Databases of Systematic Reviews

Tertiary Resources

  • Summarize and interpret the primary literacture (common trypes of references)

          e. g. textbooks, handbooks, online drug compendia and review articles...


            -Clinical Pharmacology