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Law Sources for Students and Educators: Celebration of the Month

This guide was created to provide information for educators, students, and families on a wide variety of legal topics. Kids, be sure to check out our Celebration of the Month Tab. It gives information about the law with a theme that changes every month.

Fun Websites

These websites have comics, games, and fun facts about the law.

National Library Week


April 13th through the 19th is National Library Week. National Library week was created in 1958 and is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA).

National Library Week was created to encourage people to utilize the resources available to them through public libraries. During National Library week National Library Workers Day, National Bookmobile Day, and Celebrate Teen Literature day are observed.

To get more information about National Library Week, you can visit the ALA's website by clicking the link here. You can also find more information about National Library Week and events in your area by going to your local library's webpage.