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Law Sources for Students and Educators: Celebration of the Month

This guide was created to provide information for educators, students, and families on a wide variety of legal topics. Kids, be sure to check out our Celebration of the Month Tab. It gives information about the law with a theme that changes every month.

Fun Websites

These websites have comics, games, and fun facts about the law.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day



Martin Luther King was an American civil rights movement leader who was a proponent of non-violent activism against racial discrimination. He organized a number of non-violent events such as the Selma to Montgomery March and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He was also instrumental in the March on Washington in 1963, which sought to end the discriminatory treatment of African Americans in the southern states. During the March on Washington, King delivered his famous 'I Have a Dream’ speech.

Martin Luther King was assassinated on May 4 in 1968 while in Memphis Tennessee.

Martin Luther King's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January.

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