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Law Sources for Students and Educators: Constitution Information Resources

This guide was created to provide information for educators, students, and families on a wide variety of legal topics. Kids, be sure to check out our Celebration of the Month Tab. It gives information about the law with a theme that changes every month.

Consitution Information Resources

This section of the LibGuide lists links to governmental and civic organization websites that provide information on the Constitution and on protecting student rights. The links for educators and students have been organized in separate lists to assist those seeking information find the materials they need.

For an introduction to a variety of legal topics, including constitutional law issues such as free speech, you can visit the Law@Work LibGuide created by Dr. Matthew Kenny here.

Sources for Educators

Constitution Information - These links will provide information for educators who are looking for class activities, lesson plans, and materials on the Constitution.

Resources for Educators on Protecting Student Rights - The following links contain information on supporting students in upholding their rights.

Sources for Students

Resources for Students on the Constitution - These links provide information to help students understand the concepts behind and creation of the Constitution.

Information for High School Students and University Students
Information for Elementary and Middle School Students

Resources to Help Students Protect Their Rights - The following links provide students with information on how to protect their rights while attending classes.