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Law Sources for Students and Educators: Websites for Students

This guide was created to provide information for educators, students, and families on a wide variety of legal topics. Kids, be sure to check out our Celebration of the Month Tab. It gives information about the law with a theme that changes every month.

What to keep in mind as you look for information on the web.

When looking at these websites for information, please keep in mind three key things:

1) While these sites can provide good information about students' rights, they are not binding law.

2) Information on the web can be unreliable due to human error, bias, or even computer errors. Be sure to check the information that you get from these websites for validity.

3) Check to see that the sources that you are relying on are up to date. Law is a constantly changing field, so it is good practice to make sure that the information that you are using is the most current.

For an introduction to a variety of legal topics, including constitutional law issues such as free speech, you can visit the Law@Work LibGuide created by Dr. Matthew Kenny here.

Information for Florida Students

Multi-Issue Websites

Websites that cover a variety of student legal issues.

Students and Searches in Schools

Students and their First Amendment Rights

Websites focused on student First Amendment rights.