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Academic Support: Allied Health

Allied Health Collection

Library collections and resources are sufficient in scope to support the Scholl of Allied Health program. The following table shows library holdings targeted to support the Health Sciences and the Allied Health curriculum as of February 2020. A current list of Allied Health program collections can be found via the Library catalog by conducting a Keyword(s) or Subject search.


Library Resources





Health Care








Holding 74,296 9,638 3,475 1,641 633 629
Books  65,525 8,872 3,301 1,459 581 582
ebooks 10,203 711 760 327 113 153
eJournals 1,486 48 29 42 13 8
Serials 7,800 690 147 157 45 46
Databases 93+ 70+ 70+ 44+ 44+ 44+

Pertinent Journals

The following is a selected list of significant Allied Health electronic journals. By conducting an eJournals search in Full Text Finder, you can view more journals related to these subjects.

*American journal of occupational therapy

Coverage includes interviews with top policymakers, updates on federal legislation and regulatory policy, and discussion forums on a range of nursing issues...

*Clinical Rehabilitation

Peer reviewed multi-professional coverage of the whole field of disability and rehabilitation. Info. for professionals involved in rehabilitation from bioengineering, sociology, physiotherapy, occupational, speech & language therapy, nursing & medicine...

*Healthcare Counseling & Psychotherapy Journal 

For counsellors & psychotherapists working in a healthcare setting, those who develop policy for, manage, refer to, or research counselling &    psychotherapy in healthcare...

*Journal of Health Administration

Covers the fields of health economics, health information management, health services management, medical librarianship and information science and medical records...

*Journal of Health Management

Medical Administration & Management

*Journal of occupational rehabilitation

International forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original papers on the rehabilitation of the disabled worker. Includes investigations of clinical and basic research, theoretical formulations, literature reviews, cases studies and more..

*Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

Original scientific rehabilitation engineering papers, technical notes and procedures in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics, spinal cord injury and related neurological disorders, communication, sensory and cognitive aids and gerontology...

*Occupational Therapy in Health Care

Features articles for information sharing among occupational therapists and their assistants in a variety of practice settings..

*Physical Therapy

Articles, review articles, book reviews, product reviews and commentary focusing on the evolution and expansion of scientific and professional knowledge related to phsyical therapy...

*Physical therapy in sport

Covers research and clinical practice material relevant to the healthcare professions involved in sports medicine...



Selected Databases

The following are selected databases specific to the program of Allied Health. The FAMU Libraries A-Z Databases offers a variety of Medical & Health Science Databases.


Cochrane Library

Health and Wellness Resource Center 

ICE Learning Center (ICE Video Library)

MEDLINE (Proquest)


SAGE Journals Online


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