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Academic Support: Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Collection

Library collections and resources are sufficient in scope to support the Environmental Science program. The following table shows library holdings targeted to support the Sciences and the Environmental Science curriculum as of February 2020. A current list of Environmental program collections can be found via the Library catalog by conducting a Keyword(s) or Subject search

Library Resources                                   General                                                                                


Environmental Science                                                   

Holdings 1,922,245 2,289,456 66,664
Books 1,657,029 334,876 9,878
eBooks 1,006,912 296,225 9,824
eJournals 1,242,934 766,981 33,846
Serials 168,718 2,740 1,200
Databases 608+ 110+ 62+


Pertinent Journals

The following is a selected list of significant Environmental electronic journals. By conducting an eJournals search in Full Text Finder, you can view more journals related to these subjects.

*Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health

Focuses on atmospheric consequences of human activities and their implications for human and ecological health ... 

*Atmospheric Pollution Research

 Atmospheric Science Pollution Waste Management and Disposal...

*Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

Describing significant advances and discoveries in the fields of air, soil, water, and food contamination and pollution as well as articles on methodology and other disciplines concerned with the introduction ..

*Computational Ecology and Software 

The journal aims to disseminate ecological researches, constructions and applications ...

*Ecological Management and Restoration

Managers and scientists are faced with the challenge of managing and repairing ecological systems so the systems reliably supply human needs while conserving and sustaining ecological services and diversity...

*Environmental Law

Encompassing aspects of the law that provide protection to the environment...

*Journal of Environmental Hydrology

Covering all areas of the environment and fresh water resources, including the fields of hydrology, groundwater, environmental hydrology, urban hydrology, groundwater pollution, groundwater contamination, and groundwater remediation...