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Glossary of Library Terms: F-I


Field: A category of information used in computerized Indexes. Major categories are author, title, source and subject. Sophisticated DATABASES allow the searcher to search for words in specific fields.


Full-text:  – Is any article that is available online in their entirety, either in an online database or on the web are considered “full-text articles.”  The content in a full-text article is the same as the printed version.

Government Documents: Materials published by federal, state, and local government agencies. In FAMU Coleman Library they are located on the 2nd floor annex.

Hold: to place a hold on an item means to reserve it. An item that is checked out may have a hold placed on it by another patron who wishes to use it. When the item is returned, the library will contact the patron who is waiting so they may come in and check it out.

Holdings: the materials owned by a library.

Hypertext: – Is data that contains links to other data.

Index: An alphabetical list subjects, authors or titles used in a book or set of volumes with corresponding page numbers. Can also be a separate work that indicates information located in other sources?

Information is anything that "in forms" the mind of a human or the sensory system of another organism. For humans and other higher animals, information is that which puts form into, or generates form in, the mind. In a simple hierarchy, symbols constitute data, data are the raw materials of information, information in context is knowledge, and knowledge is the basis of wisdom.