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Glossary of Library Terms: R


Ready Reference:  Location in reference at or near the reference desk where the most frequently used reference materials is housed.

Refereed Journal Article - Refereed materials are publications reviewed by "expert readers" or referees prior to the publication of the material. After reading and evaluating the material, the referee informs the publisher if the document should be published or if any changes should be made prior to publication. Refereed materials are also referred to as Peer Reviewed. Refereed materials are significant to the research and the literature of most academic fields because they assure readers that the information conveyed is reliable and timely.

Reference:   A service to provide assistance to users to help find information.  It is available at a reference desk, by appointment or during hours, by email, or ask a librarian.  Sometimes it refers to the reference collection such as encyclopedias, indexes, databases, handbooks or directories.

Reference Desk:   The service desk where users can get assistance in using the library.  It is where you would go to find recommended resources and research strategies.

Remote Access:  A term used to describe the connection of one computer to another computer located in different places.

Renew:  To extend the amount of time materials can be borrowed.  Renewals can be done electronically in ALEPH of by telephoning the Loan Desk, or in person.  However this applies only to materials owned by FAMU.  Requests to renew ILL or UBorrow loans must be made through Interlibrary Loan.

Renewals:  The process of extending the loan period of library materials.

Reserve: A selection of specific books, articles or other material set aside by professors for use by students in particular classes. The Reserve Desk at Coleman Library is located at the Circulation Desk.