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Law School Academic Support, Exam Study, and Bar Prep: Preparing for Class

Resources to help prepare for law school classes, exams, and the bar exam

Study Aids

West Study Aids

Our subscription to West's Electronic Study Aids gives you 24/7 access to over 470 titles in 38 subjects. You can search by keyword, browse by subject, material type, or study aid series, take notes and highlight as you would in a book, and print select pages or notes. Use your FAMU email to create your account. 

Getting Called On

Class Participation

How to Take Notes

Preparing for Class

How to Read a Legal Opinion

Podcast: How to Read a Legal Opinion

Professor Orin Kerr, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law School, explains how to read a legal opinion.  The episode is an exploration of Prof. Kerr's essential article, How To Read A Legal Opinion: A Guide For New Law Students, 11 Greenbag 2d 51 (2007).  Professor Kerr discusses the parts of a brief, what aspects of a case matter to a law professor and emphasizes the need for learning the new language of the law.  

Briefing Cases

Reading and Briefing Cases