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Bluebook Citation: Cases & Statutes Review

Essential Rules

B10 (p.10): Bluepages sources and authorities reference for cases.

B12 (p. 18): Bluepages for sources and authorities for statutes, rules, and restatements

Rule 10 (p.94):  Rule explains all aspects of case citation.

Rule 12 (p. 121):  Rule explains citing statutes.

T1 (p.233): Reference for abbreviations of United States jurisdictions used in case citation.

What You Should Know

Before moving on with Bluebook citation, a review of cases and statutes will prove helpful.

For Cases, you should know:

  • Bluebook Rules 10 and B10.
  • How to cite federal and state cases
    • The basics of assembling a full case citation
    • How to treat a case name in the citation.
    • Publication information for case citation.
    • Deciding court information in the case citation.
    • Year information in the case citation.
  • How and when to use parallel citations to state and regional reporters.
  • How and when to formulate a short form case citation.

For Statutes, you should know:

  • Bluebook Rule 12 and B12.
  • How to cite federal and state statutes.
    • Using a popular name in a statute citation.
    • Properly abbreviating the name of the code
    • Including the titlen in the statute citation
    • Properly formulating state statute citations based on local rules.
  • How and when to use short form statute citation.

Before moving on to the Case History tab, please take the time to complete ICW Exercise 9, a comprehensive review of Exercises 1-8.  This will reinforce what you have already earned and will help you to diagnose areas of weakness.

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