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Bluebook Citation: Scholarly Publication

Bluebook Quick Reference

Rule 1.1 (p. 57):  Rule for Citation Sentences and Clauses in Law Reviews.

Rule 2 (p. 67):  Rule for Typefaces for Law Reviews.

Inside Cover:  Starting point for making law review citations.

The Basics

Citing for law review (notes, comments, book reviews, and full-length articles) will be different than citing sources in court documents and legal memoranda.  They differ in two major ways. One is that your citations will appear in footnotes and not in the text.  Secondly, the typeface conventions may differ.

  • Citation Placement:
    • Citations for law review appear in the footnotes, which are found at the bottom of the page on which the corresponding text appears.
    • Rule 1.1 states the structure of a footnotes should include:
      1. A superscript numeral (a "footnote call number") will appear in the body of the text after the sentence period.
      2. A corresponding call number will appear at the bottom of the page, followed by the citation sentence.  This will be a full sentence that begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.
  • Typeface:
    • When doing a law review citation you only want to follow the whitepages rules of the Bluebook (unlike for court documents and memoranda, when you may refer to the bluepages for citation rules).
    • This means that you may have portions of the citation in large and small caps.

NOTE:  To make large and small caps in Word 2007 and later, choose the "Book Title" option under the Styles heading.

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