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FAMU Law Library: Make copies or print?


Printing and copying are 10 cents per page for black and white, 25 cents per page for color. The machines take change (no pennies!), singles, and fives. You can also buy a card for $1-- use a single only! You can put up to $20 on a card. Card machines only take cash.

Copiers/Printers in the Law Library

A public access copier/printer is located on the first floor of the Law Library. Students also have access to a copier/printer in the computer lab on the third floor. To print, the computer will prompt you to enter a "release code" - your first or last name works well. To release your print jobs, select your "release code" (your name) from the available print jobs at the print station (located next to the printer/copier). Deposit money into the machine and select "Print". Black and white copying and printing is $.10 per page. Color copying and printing is $.25 per page. Please contact a library staff member with printing and copying questions.

Computers in the Law Library

Public Access Computers

The Law Library maintains six (6) public access computers on the first floor of the library. These computers are available to public patrons for legal research ONLY, and may be used for up to two hours. While students may utilize these computers, they will be directed to the computer lab during high demand time periods.

Students, faculty and staff may connect their personal computers to the wireless network. Please contact the IT department for wireless access information.

Computer Lab

The Law Library maintains a computer lab for students on the 3rd floor of the library. Internet access and Microsoft Office products are available on the lab computers. A printer is also available in the computer lab. Black and white copies are $.10 per page. Color copies are $.25 per page.

The LexisNexis printer is also located in the computer lab. Students may send print jobs from their LexisNexis account to the LexisNexis printer free of charge. Please note that Westlaw and Bloomberg Law do not offer free printing.

There is a flatbed scanner in the computer lab for student use. Students can send scans to email, or scan to a USB drive. There is no cost to scan. Please note that the library bears no liability for any copyright infringement as a result of a student's decision to scan copyrighted material.