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FAMU Law Library: Read the QR codes?

QR Code

QR code for law library website

What is a QR code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a square block that can be scanned like a bar code. Unlike a bar code, the only equipment you need is a smart phone with a QR reader app. Scanning the code will lead you to content that can be viewed or listened to on your smart phone. Try it out with the QR code to the left!

Where can I find QR codes?

There are QR codes all around the library. Try scanning the QR code at the reference desk to find out information about circulation and reference!

The QR codes at the end of each range of shelves on the second and fourth floors link you to an explanation of what those ranges contain. Please use your headphones to listen to the explanation.

Watch the library for special QR codes to win prizes!

Where can I get a QR code reader?

You can find a list of QR code reader apps for many different makes of smart phone here.