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FAMU Law Library: Reserve a group study room?

Group Study Room Policy


In order to use a group study room, the following conditions must be met:

   ·    A group consisting of at least two (2) students must be present at the time of reservation and each must present an identification card.

   ·    The names of all students using the room must be listed in the reservation book. Misuse of identification or of personal information, including, but not limited to, naming students who are not physically present in the study room, is considered an honor code violation. Violations of the honor code are reported to the Associate Dean for Student Services and Administration.

A group study room may be reserved for 2 hours.  The reservation is non-renewable.  If any group study rooms are available when the first reservation ends, a group may sign up for another room at that time.

Rooms may not be reserved in advance of their availability.  If a room is occupied, it may only be reserved when that period of occupation is up.

Quiet discussion is permitted within study rooms, but the volume should not rise to where it can easily be heard outside the room.  Groups that are too loud will receive one warning.  Continued noise will result in that group being asked to leave the study room.

Please maintain professionalism with your student colleagues and with the library staff.  Arguments that betray a lack of professional decorum will result in all parties being asked to leave the library.


Effective as of Tuesday, October 12th, 2010.